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Maddie Bradshaw

Have you taken a look at your resume recently? Did you know the Fall Career Expo is happening this week on campus? A resume is a chance for you to show off your skills and convince the employer that you are the perfect fit for the job. Here are nine resume tips to help you impress employers.


1. Spell Check 

If an employer sees a spelling or grammar error in your resume, they will not take a second look at it. Even if you think that your resume is perfect, ask a friend or a classmate to double check your spelling. The basement of the Kerr Administration building on campus offers resume services as well.

2. Short and Simple

Your resume should ideally fit on one page, if not two. There is no need to elaborate too much on skills or employee experience; you will be doing that in person during an interview. Many people make this mistake and risk having their resumes be too long.

3. Keep it Organized

There are many templates on Microsoft Word and other applications that will help you ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing and organized. Having an organized resume helps you look professional. Employers are more likely to read your resume if it looks like you’ve spent time on it.

4. Dates

It is important to know which day of the career fair you will be attending so you can tailor your resume to certain employers. The first day of the career expo on Oct 18th is for students seeking jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math. The second day on Oct 19th is for students interesting in jobs and internships in the arts, humanities, business, and healthcare.

5. Graduation Date

Always put your expected graduation date in the education section. It is better to let future employers know when you are expected to graduate, rather than saying senior, junior, sophomore, etc.

6. Showcase your experiences

The purpose of a resume is to highlight your previous career experiences. It shows an employer why you specifically are the best candidate for the position. In your resume, list all awards, certificates, and jobs you have held.

7. Take Pride in your Resume

Even though a resume is a piece of paper that is made to show you off, take pride in the experience you have and the work you’ve put into having a great resume.

8. Cater your Resume to Industry

A resume needs to be catered to the specific field and specific job. This means changing the objective and changing your skills accordingly.

9. Network

This is the most important tip. In order to have a solid resume, networking is key. Networking includes going to the Career Expo, meet with family friends who are in your field, and talk to everyone you meet who could potentially help you in the workforce. This can lead to more jobs and more opportunities. To learn more about how to build your resume and general information about the Career Expo, check out the link below.


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