How to Cure the Homesick Blues

Kate Brown

It’s becoming that time of the year. The novelty of coming back to school is starting to wear-off and you’re in the full swing of school and activities. The weather is starting to get colder and you’re in the mood to snuggle into bed. This is a time where those of us at school start to get homesick. Here are some remedies you can try to help cure the homesick blues:

Stay Busy: The first one is staying busy. In addition to school and staying on top of your work, try joining a club or a sports team, getting a job, a sorority or fraternity. There are plenty of options for things you can do to keep yourself busy to distract yourself from the place you’re far away from.

Be Social: This one can be pretty hard when all you really want to do is stay in bed curled up in a ball. But surrounding yourself with good, positive people is really important. Make fun plans with them and go out. Find a new restaurant to go to, visit the farmers market, go on a hike, plan a movie night, go on a picnic, or even just go get dinner with them. It’s the simple things that can distract you as long as you’re surrounded by people you care about.

Working Out: When you’re stressed out and upset, a good thing to do is go focus on something else, and when you work out it not only makes your head feel better, but your body, too. Working out can be a really great stress release. It doesn’t have to be something of high intensity, just something to get your body moving and those endorphins flowing.

Talk to a Roommate or Close Friend: Most likely, you’re not the only person you know who is missing home. Simply saying to a roommate or close friend “I’m feeling really homesick” can start a whole conversation about how you’re both feeling. Finding someone who feels the same way you do and reassure you that it’s normal can make you feel a whole lot better.

Crying: Honestly, sometimes crying can be underrated. Crying is a normal bodily response to emotions, and sometimes it’s exactly what you need to feel better. Sometimes a big sob will be the release you need to go and focus on something else that will distract you, even if it’s just homework. Obviously, don’t necessarily go make yourself cry, but if you’re on the verge, sad music is always there to support you, and when you’re done crying you can move on a bit.

Watch a Disney Movie: Disney movies are made to be feel-good movies and they might be just what you need to feel better. Disney movies might remind you of childhood and home, but sometimes to beat homesickness, you need to spend some time thinking about home and being sad. Disney movies are also very accessible (yay Netflix!) which is always a plus!

Talk to Your RA: If you’re living in the residential halls, try talking to your RA. They’re here to help you, that’s why they have the job, and they’re used to people saying they’re homesick. They can just be an open ear to listen, but they also probably have other remedies for you to try, and maybe some ideas about how you can get involved on campus or in the residential hall.

Go to the Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS): If you’re homesickness is getting really bad and stopping you from going to class or doing anything outside of your room, talking to a counselor at the counseling center might be the right move. They’re professionals that are there to help you! That’s their job, and they exist for a reason. So if you’re really struggling, definitely try going to talk to someone at CAPS, and they can help you figure out a plan of action.

Call a Family Member/Family Friend: Occasionally the best plan of action is to just hear a little bit about what’s going on at home. Ask them questions about how they’re doing and what it’s like at home, and I can bet you they’ll start asking you about how it’s going here. You can be honest and say you’re missing home, they’ll always be a good shoulder to cry on. But talking to someone away from school can also make you realize how much you’re doing here. Tell them about the class you’re really enjoying, your new friends, even the dog you saw in the quad yesterday. Calling them and them asking you about life kind of forces you to find the things you really like, making you feel better about being away from home.

Overall, there are so many remedies to help your homesickness, but also know that being homesick is normal and okay to feel. Just remember to reach out so you don’t suffer in silence, and find ways to keep yourself distracted so you’re not feeling down all the time.


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