MEN: 10 Ways to Pamper Yo Self

MEN: 10 Ways to Pamper Yo Self

Roman Battaglia

The men’s beauty industry is growing rapidly. Today, men are enjoy finding new ways to make them feel good and treat themselves. So guys, here are a few ways in which you can ‘treat yo self’ to a happier, more relaxed you.

1. Soak in a Bath 

There are so many options when it comes to baths. You can try getting a colorful bath bomb, you can delve into the art of aromatherapy, or try epsom salts, which have been proven to be a natural way to soothe sore muscles and relieve sore feet, perfect after having a tough session at the gym. Baths can be a great way to help relieve stress, soothe sickness and calm your mind.

2. Shop

In the traditional ‘treat yo self’ fashion, you could always go on a shopping spree. Get yourself some new threads, try stuff on and don’t be afraid to use that card! Sometimes the best way to destress and relax is with a little retail therapy.

3.  Try a Face Mask

Face masks are really good for exfoliating the skin and making you feel refreshed and energized. They often have rough ingredients like almonds or Jojoba beads to clean out your pores and leave your skin more radiant and full of life. Lush has great face masks with natural ingredients, but you can also find them at most grocery and beauty stores.

4. Get a Mani-Pedi

Manicures and pedicures are like treating your hands and feet to a spa trip. Awesome for healing sore feet and tired hands, and while you’re at it, why not get your nails painted, it’s 2017! Anything’s possible, right?

5. Take a Lazy Day

Sometimes you just need to take a day off and just do nothing. Slap on your favorite pair of sweatpants, make a cup of herbal tea, grab a tub of ice cream and put your favorite show on the TV. Taking a day to just forget about all of the worries of life and binge watch TV is a great way to take a load off your shoulders. Use that day to not worry about anything and the next day you can wake up with a fresh mind and outlook on things.

6. Eat Out

Too often we eat mediocre food, getting that cheap pizza or having mac and cheese for the seventh day in a row, we forget that eating can be a great way to pamper yourself.

Try going out with some friends to a fancy restaurant and splurge on a large meal. Eating out will help reignite your appreciation for good food and sometimes you can even gets some tips on how to cook great food at home.

7. Catch Some Z’s

According to a Report by the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, a majority of college students don’t get enough sleep. While naps can help, they don’t make up for not getting enough sleep the night before. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that college students get around 7-9 hours of sleep per night, but recent research suggests that too much sleep may also be bad for your health, above 8 hours. So try and aim for 6.5-7.5 hours so you can wake up and feel refreshed and ready for your studies.

8. Get a Makeover

Whether it’s buying some new clothes, trying some fancy hair product, or getting some makeup, getting a makeover can help improve your self confidence and boost your mood. Splurge some money on that fancy sweater or try on a new pair of jeans, treat yourself every once in a while!

9.  Try Your Hand at Baking

Many people find that baking is a great way to relieve stress and gifting yourself some yummy treats at the same time. Pick up some cake mix from the grocery store and decorate it to your liking, try making some art or making different colors and patterns by mixing in some food coloring into white icing.

10. Hike 

Winter term may not always provide the best hiking weather, but going on a hike is a great way to destress, enjoy nature and take in some fresh air. There are lots of great hiking spots. Mary’s Peak offer’s great views of the ocean and of the entire Willamette Valley, on a clear day of course. Bald Hill is another great hike, you can even get there without driving, it’s fairly close to campus. The views from atop Bald Hills are amazing, especially on a sunny day.There are so many more hikes, try some out and you may find yourself becoming a regular hiker!


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