Find a Place in OSU’s Country Western Dance Scene

Find a Place in OSU’s Country Wester Dance Scene

Madison Delgado

OSU’s Country Western Dance Club is dedicated to teaching and providing opportunities to dance–and along the way, they’ve also created an amazing community.

Beaver’s Digest recently went to Western Wind Up at the Memorial Union where we got to see the club in action. OSU’s Country Western Dance Club transformed the MU into a welcoming dance environment complete with a mechanical bull. At the beginning of the event the club members started off with a basic line dance that was easy to teach, which Alyssa Liljequist, a member of the club, says is a classic move. “I started coming to the dances because friends invited me. At first, I knew absolutely nothing, but my friends taught me the basics. As I learned more and attended more dances, I fell in love with country western dancing and eventually started taking the PAC [Physical Activity Courses] classes,“ she said.

OSU’s Country Western Dance Club strives to create a warm and welcoming environment to teach country western dance, whether that is in a PAC class offered at the university or at one of the organizations events. Secretary of the club, Regina Forsi, admits her favorite part of being involved with the club is “helping people learn how to dance. It’s such an experience to watch them get it–in my dancing I’ve gotten so used to pointing people that I do it subconsciously now.”

“Usually first and last dance are free, they’re usually in the MU,” said Regina Forsi. There are around five dances a term along with meetings and member only events. The dance events focus on teaching country western dance styles such as swing, two-step, cha-cha, schottische, waltz and line dancing. This a low risk, fun environment the club has created to provide the community with a chance to learn and have a great time together.

“I had been going to every dance for a year when I finally decided to become a member of the OSU Country Western Dance Club,” said Liljequist, “Having the consistent opportunity to go to really fun organized dances with friends; they are the highlight of my week!” 

Still on the fence about coming out to a dance? President Luke Coomer said, “Get off the fence and join! It’s a really good time…it’s just a great community to be a part of on the campus.” OSU’s Country Western Dance Club can be found on Facebook as well as at their website

Photography by Emma Brown

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