Three cheap date ideas for you & your honey this spring

Adriana Gutierrez, Beaver's Digest Contributor

Spring is coming, and as the pollen spreads in the Corvallis air, so does romance. We at Beaver’s Digest have three cost-effective ideas for springtime dates sure to make you and your partner bask in the sunshine.


When the weather finally reaches above 65 degrees (fingers crossed!) you and your partner should make your way down to Avery Park to find a small trail leading to a watering hole off of Marys River.

To find the trail, park in the small lot next to the Maple Grove Shelter, and follow the trail directly to the right of the building. This trail will lead out to a flat concrete platform, just steps away from the flowing river.

Take your shoes off, dip your feet in, and bring a deck of cards to finally see who’s the true War champion.


McNary Field on the east side of campus is a popular spot during the spring months in Corvallis. Of the many students you’ll see slack lining, playing frisbee or even just soaking in the good weather; another popular attraction to McNary

Field is the sturdy trees lining the park — perfect for hammocking.

Hammocks can be as cheap as $12 on Amazon and perfect for seating you and your partner, tucked away in the tree shade. Bring a book and a light blanket to snuggle in and enjoy the date.


Corvallis is home to many great parks, including Central Park, right off of campus. A short walk from McNary Field up Monroe Ave., Central Park is the perfect place to have a midday picnic. Central Park has multiple picnic benches lining Monroe, so no need to bring a picnic blanket.

But what about food, you ask? Take a look at our SNAP story, which shows you how to apply for up to $234 per month at grocery stores in Oregon. If you already have a card, go ahead to the closest grocery store in town and grab pre-made sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit and non-alcoholic drinks for you and your partner.

Good food, good company; all free of charge!

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