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Jessica Li

As spring term comes to an end, don’t be so eager to dive into summer just yet; make sure to say goodbye to our graduating seniors first. Despite an unexpected way to close this chapter of their book, they have been patient, resilient, and understanding. Seniors, as much as we are going to miss you dearly, we are beyond proud of your accomplishments and would like to bring forth a word of congratulations. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to Oregon State University and the lasting impacts you’ve made during your time here with us. We wish you the best in your future endeavors, and we know that this has been only one of many steps to greater success. 

In the following gallery are responses compiled from some of our graduating seniors in answer to this question: What have you valued about your experience at OSU?

Valerie Thai

Major: BioHealth Sciences with Pre-Dental Option

Definitely the community. I was able to meet so many people that have positively impacted my experience here at OSU.



Vincent Ngo

Major: Biology

Oddly enough I think I’ll miss the process of college learning. That includes going to class, loving the material, not loving the material, collaborating, cramming, crying – the list goes on. I hope I can take it upon myself to continue learning!



Kevin Pham

Major: Computer Science

Being able to get exposed to so many things, classes, clubs, professional development and also connecting with friends and having a great community!



Nicholas Weaver

Major: Accounting/Finance

First, I’ll miss all the friends I’ve made in the College of Business, who have learned and commiserated with me over the past few years. Second, the people of the Tennis Club who started as people of mutual interest and became some of my best friends at OSU. And finally, the sense of community at the University, because even though I’ll always be a Beaver, it won’t be the same after I leave OSU. Go Beavs!



Stefan Ball

Major: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

One thing I valued at OSU was the ability to join sports clubs such as tennis, where I got to compete and hang out with the same people every day. Another thing that I valued is the freedom throughout the day to choose what I wanted to do. I will miss my friends who are older than me and who are my age and graduating, but I will be attending graduate school at OSU so I will be able to continue to see my friends who stick around.



Rachel Vasta

Major: Biology and Music

The research and lab experiences I’ve gained here have been phenomenal. I’ve been able to apply what I learned in class to actual research in a warm and encouraging environment, and I don’t think I would’ve had the same opportunities elsewhere.



Brooke Rose

Major: Music Education & Percussion Performance

What I’ll miss most after graduation is seeing all of my teachers, mentors, and friends everyday. Community Hall is so close knit that that’s something I’ve grown to love.



Adrian Galash

Major: Instrumental Music Performance

That old music building – Benton or Community Hall – she has some creaky bones. Countless hours I spent there, making music with friends. Music brings people together and creates strong, critical memories. That old music building, she really is a community, creaky bones and all.



Karissa Renyer

Major: BioHealth Sciences (Pre-Dentistry)

The best part about OSU has been the relationships I have made over the last few years. My involvement in Sigma Kappa and OSU Tennis Club has brought so many amazing people in my life. I will cherish my memories with them the most after I graduate.



Alyson Fewless

Major: Music Education

The amazing intellect of the instructors!

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